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Our patent publication service augments the value of the research paper without hassle. Our  cost-effective service makes sure that the ownership and distribution of the patent's benefits are negotiated, carefully and documented to ensure that both parties receive fair.

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Patent Publication

Partnership research can be a way for researchers to share the costs and benefits of obtaining a research patent. By partnering with another researcher or group, the cost of obtaining a patent can be shared, and both parties can benefit from the patent’s protections with their names published next to each other.  

Research Paper Writing

To become a part of a successful journal, it’s essential to develop your skills in writing, editing, peer-reviewing, and research. Joining writing workshops, attending conferences, and taking courses in these areas can help you improve your skills and increase your chances of getting published.

Book Writing

Building relationships with editors, reviewers, and authors is an excellent way to get involved in journal publishing. Attending conferences, reaching out to potential collaborators, and joining professional organisations like Aimlay are great ways to expand your network.


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